The transport & industry group concentrates on visits to sites, museums, and artifacts related to transport, industry and their history.

Foxton Locks 2009

JCB 2019
New members welcome, including members of other branches.
contact Lee tel: 826120.

Programme for 2020-22

    Due to the lockdowns, we've bunched 3 years together.
    Dates may change, but usually 1st Thur in the month. *=not a first Thurs.
    Destinations may also change highlighted in green.
    Feb 6 Stokes Coffee Roasting, The Lawn done
    Mar 5 Loomes & Co, watchmakers, Stamford,
    and Warner's Printers, Bourne
    4 Nov Planning meeting done
    2 Dec Frame Knitting Museum AP
    postponed Alfred Enderby Smokehouse. Grimsby Docks. LS
    17 Feb Lindum Group Station Road, North Hykeham. L & LS
    10 Mar Drax Power Station. PS
    7 Apr Hanson Cement. Ketton, Rutland. NC
    5 May Heckington Mill. HC
    2 Jun Newark Air Museum/font> JG
    14* Jul Great Central Railway, Loughborough. PS
    4 Aug No trip
    1 Sep National Emergency Services Museum, Sheffield/font> HC
    6 Oct Heights of Abraham and Museums. LJ
    3 Nov Denby Pottery JW
    1 Dec Annual Meeting. all

Visits from the last 5 years ...