We have a wide variety of groups, listed below by category. and alphabetically on a separate page. The links will take you to the details in the . Some groups have their own page(s) - see menu at left.

Times and dates may vary. For up-to-date information ask the leader of the group, or see the . The and the are updated intermittently.

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Groups by category - select group for details
Walking Footsteppers 5 Miles
Hikers (6-7miles)
Legstretchers 3 miles
Rambling (6-7 miles)
Walkers (6-ish miles)
Science & Technology Computing Help
iPad and iPhone Forum
Activities / Sports Cycling for pleasure
Games - Board
Games - Card
Games- board and cards
Garden Visiting
Mah Jong
New Age Kurling
Table tennis
Ten Pin Bowling
Social Facebook Heath U3A
Social Lunches
Pub Night Out
Languages French
History Beadwork
Family History
The Way We Were 1
The Way we Were 2
The Way We Were 3
Transport & Industry
The Arts Art
Blues appreciation - Virtual
Card Making 1
Card Making 2
Knit Natter
Knit, Craft & Natter
Raise Your Voices