Membership of the U3A is open to anyone in the "Third Age", i.e. after the second age of full-time employment and parental responsibility

The full annual membership subscription for 2018 is 12, due January 1st. Of this, 3.50 is the capitation fee which goes to the Third Age Trust, our parent organisation, and 2.60 per address pays for direct delivery of the U3A magazines, "Third Age Matters' and "Sources".
The capitation fee is waived if you are a full member of another U3A branch.

New members joining later in the year pay reduced rates. See below, or contact the for more information.

Download the Membership Application form (PDF* 106kb) right now and join. You can fill it in on the computer - follow the instructions on the form - then print it. It is better to download it, as it may not be editable when viewed in a browser.

Membership subscriptions
Full member 12.00(inc. 3.50 capitation fee**)
Associate member***12.00(inc. 3.50 capitation fee**)
Non-capitation member 8.50(capitation fee** paid to
another U3A branch)
Subscriptions can be paid in cash, by cheque payable to "Heath U3A", or, for renewals, by direct deposit - contact the treasurer for details.
New members
Jun-Jul 9.00*
Aug-Sep 7.50*
Oct 6.00*
Nov-Decfree with the following year

Prospective members should read this document explaining the limited liability of Heath U3A, its group leaders and members.

* includes 3.50 capitation fee**, waived if already paid to another U3A
** The capitation fee is paid to the Third Age Trust out of membership dues, and provides insurance coverage for group leaders and the branch, support and training. For that reason, as well as to maintain their membership, it is important for members to pay their dues promptly, and that is also why we cannot allow non-U3A-members to join groups.
*** Associate members do not attend any branch meetings. When our maximum capacity is reached there will be a lower subscription.


*To view PDF files you will need Adobe® Reader. 99%+ people will already have it. If not, or not up-to-date, you can get it here ...